Animalic Rose and Oud
Notes: Cinnamon Rose Saffron Myrrh Oud Tobacco Amber Castoreum Gaïac wood Labdanum Sandalwood
Spicy Vanilla
Notes: Saffron Vanilla Hay Iris absolu Amber
Metallic Rose
Notes: Rosewood Rose Amber Musk Raspberry Sandalwood
Experimental Vetiver
Notes: Tobacco Vetiver
Smoky Vetiver
Notes: Birch tar Lemon tree leaves Pimento pepper Vetiver
Antioxidant& Ultra-Hydrating Facial Toner
Tanner's Pipe
Notes: Saffron Gaïac wood Sandalwood Texas cedar Violet Amyris wood Cistus Leather Musk Nagarmotha Oud Patchouli Tonka beans
Iconic Chypre
Notes: Bergamot Cloves Frankincense Violet leaf Bulgarian rose Egyptian jasmine Mimosa Musk Oakmoss Patchouli Sandalwood
Fresh Yuzu
Notes: Black pepper Elemi Pink pepper Szechuan pepper Yuzu Galbanum Star anise Ambroxan Cedar Rum
Iris Roots&Green Shoots
With artificial quartz

A soft, water-based formula ensures tender application. RBR  use Borosilicates ( apart from the 'Anthracite Essence' shade) – minute particles of artificial quartz that fill the formula with an incredible shine and shed a coquettish lustre onto the lines. The Eyeliner allows for high coverage, dries quickly, is super long-wear and has excellent skin compatibility. An elegant brush means you can apply both fine thin lines and passionate wide lines. You can use the eyeliner alone or over your favourite eye pencils or eye shadows,

MAAI Bogue Profumo
Powdery Animalic
Notes: Aldehydes Atlas cedar Bay Benzoin Black pepper Camphor Candied fruit Castoreum Civet Cloves Cypress Damask rose Eucalyptus Frankincense Geranium Hyraceum Jasmine Labdanum Musk Myrrh Oakmoss Oud Petit grain Rosewood Sandalwood Tolu balm Tuberose Vetiver Ylang-ylang
A Huge Tropical Floral
Notes: Lavender Vanilla Egyptian jasmine Iris butter Orange Ylang-ylang Patchouli
A Dedication to All Renaissance Men
Notes: Bergamot Black pepper Cardamom Lemon Pink pepper Juniper Nutmeg Peony Thyme Oakmoss Tonka beans
Spicy sandalwood
Notes: Tangerine Cypress Rosewood Sandalwood Vanilla Ambrette seeds
Amber Citrus
Notes: Lemon Orange Pepper Rosemary Cedar Jasmine Vetiver Amber Moss Musk
Green Tea
Notes: Bergamot Litsea Mandarin Orange Nutmeg Oolong tea Fig tree fruit Musk
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Grace Jones Floral
Notes: Ambergris Angelica root Ash Cannonball tree flower Cardamom Carrot seeds Civet Honey Jasmine Patchouli Turkish rose Vetiver
Decadent Sensuality
Notes: Cardamom Cinnamon Clary sage Laurel Rosemary Geranium Honey Orange blossom Castoreum Civet Oakmoss Patchouli Vetiver
6 x1.6ml
From strobing to bronzer effects

Ellis Faas’ Highlighting Compact is designed to attract light to certain areas of your face; to help illuminate it or to give it a sun-kissed look. These highlighting powders are full of the finest reflective pearly particles. 

You can use lighter shades for strobing and darker as bronzers. 


Strobing  is basically a fun term for highlighting - attracting light to certain areas of your face to enhance your natural features.

Key factors to get strobing right:

 1)  add to well prepared and moisturised skin (we suggest using Green Shaman Cleanser, Hibistonic Facial Toner and Iyök-balance cream for a healthy start);

2) find a highlighter that matches your skin tone perfectly. Ellis Faas has 3 different shades from subtle porcelain glow to terracotta sparkle;

3)  apply the highlighter with the sponge that comes with the product on top of cheekbones, along your temples, down the bridge of your nose, below your brow bones, in the corners of your eyes, and above your cupid's bow. 

Remember: less is more. Restrict the glow to these areas only and voila!


Bronzing is another way to highlight your natural features but it is more about giving your face a sun kissed look, unlike strobing (where you make certain areas of your face lighter). Bronzing is about imitating a very slight tan.

Key factors for getting bronzing right: 

Use a bronzer brush along the hairline on the forehead, on the apples of the cheeks, nose, and chin—where the sun naturally hits the face.  

With a mirror

A sturdy aluminium case to hold Ellis Faas range of compact powders and bronzers. The screw-on lid has a built-in mirror.

Directions for use: just put the powder disk into the case and a lightweight magnet will hold it in place. The contents can be easily replaced when it's time. 


Musky Floral
Notes: Almond Apricot Coriander Pepper Jasmine Osmanthus Rose Violet Amber Cedar Patchouli Vanilla
£9.00 - 100 ml EdP
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Toughness Distilled
Notes: Bergamot Cardamom Pineapple Rose Violet leaf Musk Oakmoss Tonka beans
Sparkly Green Fruit
Notes: Amber Blackcurrant leaves Cucumber Fig tree leaves Granny smith apple Jasmine Oakmoss Rain drops Rose Sage Vanilla
Salty Wood
Notes: Cedar Lotus Musk Sandalwood Vetiver
A Charged Floral
Notes: Amber Bergamot Gardenia Lotus Oakmoss Peony Rose Vanilla
Notes: Bergamot Gardenia Milk chocolate Nutmeg Vanilla
Icy Fresh
Notes: Bergamot Cardamom Iris Musk Sandalwood
Fresh & Grrreeen
Notes: Amber Cocoa Fig tree leaves Frankincense Geranium Lavender Oakmoss Tea Vetiver
Comforting & Musky
Notes: Bergamot Lotus Musk Rain drops Vanilla
Lushiously Green
Notes: Blackcurrant leaves Fig tree leaves Frankincense Herbs Iris Musk Rain drops Vetiver
Electrified Citrus
Notes: Cloves Cocoa Lemon Musk Pear
Smoky Leather
Notes: Aloe vera Herbs Jasmine Musk Nutmeg Oud Tobacco
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