A Heavenly Florist Shop Smell
Notes: Apple Cherry Green leaves Hyacinth Lily Quince Rose
Smoky Sandalwood
Notes: Cade Frankincense Leather Saffron
Sunny Citruses
Notes: Ambroxan Bergamot Calabrian lemon Cardamom Cucumber Geranium Juniper Mandarin Orange Pepper Petit grain Rosemary Spearmint Yuzu
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Rich Cognac Bouquet
Notes: Black pepper Elemi Pink pepper Blond tobacco Cognac Linden Tonka beans Cedar Raspberry Vetiver
Organic care and volumiser

A nourishing and volumising lip balm enriched with pink pepper extract and scented with delicious pear. The balm has a smoothing effect and contains capsaicin (a molecule naturally occurring in hot peppers) which enhances blood circulation. Lips naturally get more colour and look fuller.

The balm also contains amino acids and oligopeptides to help the production of collagen and elastin which are the keepers of skin youth. The wild pear extract is full of vitamins and other natural elements to provide care and a natural glossy effect, to smoothen and nourish. The essential oils used bring freshness.

As with all 22|11 products this lip balm is organic and made from ethically sourced materials. Even the tube packaging is made from recycled aluminium.

INGREDIENTS: almond oil, wild pear extract, castoreum oil, vitamin E, mulberry oil, apricot oil, pink pepper extract, lemongrass, oligopeptides

Naked Disguise

Glide concealer  brings you the magic sensation of "bare skin but better".

The new, moisturising formula is based on a smoothing and skin-plumping blend of vegetable waxes, enriched with the blend of natural avocado, jojoba, argan and rosehip oils that we selected for their nourishing, anti-oxidant and rejuvenating properties.

The liquid texture blends exceptionally well to achieve perfectly even, light to medium coverage. The finish is never too heavy or cakey.

Wear it to cover up blemishes, shadows, under-eye circles or redness particularly evenly and with outstanding comfort. Or let it glide onto your eyelids as your perfecting and skin-protecting eye shadow base.

Like all Rouge Bunny Rouge foundation products, the glide concealer has unprecedented skin adherence, excellent wear, and the most pleasant skin feel.

Free from mineral oil and silicones.

Notes: Aldehydes Ambergris Birch leaves Cypress Geranium Iris Lemon Musk Pepper Pine Safraleine™ Styrax Suede Tonka beans Vanilla Vetiver
Spicy Amber
Notes: Cardamom Pepper Honey Wood apple (limonia) Benzoin
Wild Orchid
Notes: Bourbon vetiver Rosewood Sandalwood
Notes: Cedar Incense Oakmoss Papyrus Patchouli Poplar absolute Sandalwood Vetiver
£98.00 - 100 ml EdP
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Notes: Bergamot Black pepper Jasmine Leather Amber Oakmoss Patchouli
Animalic Rose and Oud
Notes: Cinnamon Rose Saffron Myrrh Oud Tobacco Amber Castoreum Gaïac wood Labdanum Sandalwood
Regal cologne
Notes: Bigarade orange Buxus Mastic Ylang-ylang Vetiver Wheat
For Dry Skin/Lips, Hands, Elbows, etc.

100% natural balm with organic honey, dandelions and rose powder to calm, hydrate  and protect chapped skin. Use on lips, face, body and even hair ends.  


AmazingPR on Le Baume: "Also, the tin is perfect in a bright yellow shade, meaning you'll always be able to find it in your handbag!"

Smoky Vetiver
Notes: Birch tar Lemon tree leaves Pimento pepper Vetiver
A Dedication to All Renaissance Men
Notes: Bergamot Black pepper Cardamom Lemon Pink pepper Juniper Nutmeg Peony Thyme Oakmoss Tonka beans
Green Spicy Vetiver
Notes: Absinthe Bergamot Java vetiver Peruvian pepper Bourbon vetiver Haiti vetiver Neroli Tonka beans Amber Brasil vetiver Leather
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£8.00 - 100 ml EdP
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The Fruitiest We Have
Notes: Melon Passion fruit Pomello Freesia Kumquat Peony Musk Peach Rose
£11.00 - 100 ml EdP
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Heliotrope Poppy
Notes: Blackberry Freesia Heliotrope Passion fruit Dark chocolate Jasmine Poppy Amber Musk Patchouli Vanilla
Notes: Blackcurrant Granny smith apple Plum Freesia Lily-of-the-valley Rose Cedar Musk Sandalwood
Fruity Vanilla
Notes: Bergamot Grapefruit Orange Jasmine Lychee Rose Musk Vanilla
Musky Vanilla
Notes: Bergamot Orange Jasmine Rose Musk Vanilla Vetiver
Classic Fougere
Notes: Apple Bergamot Lemon Birch tar Black pepper Patchouli Ambergris Moss Musk
Secret Delights
Notes: Cinnamon Oregano Sesame Cloves Cumin Jasmine Chili Cocoa beans Mexican vanilla
Leathery Violet
Notes: Aldehydes Birch leaves Neroli Vodka Cognac Iris Russian leather Violet leaf Birch tar Fir balsam Musk Oakmoss
Cocoa and Clay
Notes: Cocoa Vetiver
Shea and Patchouli
Notes: Patchouli Shea butter
Beer and Barley Flour
Notes: Beer
Daily Use Soap
Notes: Atlas cedar Lavender Rosemary
100% Organic
Notes: Argan Baobab Sunflower
100% Organic
Notes: Grape seed Hemp
100% Organic
Notes: Hazelnut Plum
Almondy Fruity
Notes: Almond Cherry Red berries Licorice Rose Musk Patchouli Vanilla
Elsa's Potion
Notes: Grapefruit Lemon Orange Jasmine Pear Rose Violet Cedar Musk Sandalwood
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