Iconic Chypre
Notes: Bergamot Cloves Frankincense Violet leaf Bulgarian rose Egyptian jasmine Mimosa Musk Oakmoss Patchouli Sandalwood
Restorative and protective
Notes: Gardenia Jasmine Lily Marigold Neroli Orange blossom
Long Wearing Richly Pigmented

Hot Lips is Ellis' latest revolutionary texture for the lips. Because it's absolutely packed with pigment, you'll only need a tiny bit of the non-greasy lipstick to add vibrant colour. Hot Lips are extremely longwearing, without the risk of drying out your lips. A little goes a very long way!

All Ellis lip products are suitable for every skin tone, age and style. Paraben-free. Non-sticky. No animal testing.

Sepia Shadows
For Dry Skin/Lips, Hands, Elbows, etc.

100% natural balm with organic honey, dandelions and rose powder to calm, hydrate  and protect chapped skin. Use on lips, face, bady and even hair.  

NOOUD Baruti
Absolute Illusion
Notes: Scorched wood
Balancing Face Cream
Green Spicy Vetiver
Notes: Absinthe Bergamot Java vetiver Peruvian pepper Bourbon vetiver Haiti vetiver Neroli Tonka beans Amber Brasil vetiver Leather
Tanner's Pipe
Notes: Saffron Gaïac wood Sandalwood Texas cedar Violet Amyris wood Cistus Leather Musk Nagarmotha Oud Patchouli Tonka beans
Natural Mineral Deodorant
Notes: Potassium salt
3x25 gr soaps: floral, citrusy& woody
Sweet Precious Resins
Notes: Hawthorn Neroli Incense Lily Benzoin Gaïac wood
Hindi for Lovely Flower
Notes: Bergamot Neroli Orange Geranium Tuberose Ylang-ylang Benzoin Bourbon vanilla Cedar Opoponax Patchouli Sandalwood Tonka beans
Sunny Bergamot vs Scorched Wood
Notes: Bergamot Sage Black tea Vetiver Musk Scorched wood
£2.00 - 1.6 ml EdP
Out Of Stock
Notes: Cloves Nutmeg Pink pepper Cistus Frankincense Freesia Jasmine Peru balm Sandalwood Styrax
A Dedication to All Renaissance Men
Notes: Bergamot Black pepper Cardamom Lemon Pink pepper Juniper Nutmeg Peony Thyme Oakmoss Tonka beans
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100% Natural&Organic
Notes: Honey Lavender Lemon Orange Rosemary Sesame Thyme
Ultra-Rich Body Moisturiser
£17.00 - 50 ml EdP
Out Of Stock
Fruity Chypre
Notes: Blackcurrant Orange blossom Pear Praline Vanilla White musk
6 X 1.6 ML
Gentle Organic Shampoo for Pets
Warm Skin Scent
Notes: Aldehydes Bergamot Rosemary Cedar Sandalwood Ylang-ylang Ambroxide Musk Tonka beans
Restorative and protective
An Illustrated Guide
Odd Cucumber
Notes: Cedar Cucumber Freesia Musk
Boozy Spices Woods& Dry Fruit
Notes: Birch tar Black pepper Black tea Cardamom Frankincense Opium Oud Tobacco Whisky
Notes: Acacia Bergamot Cyclamen Lily Ylang-ylang Artemisia Cypress Hinoki wood Mugwort Pepper Salt Cedar Patchouli Vanilla White musk
Notes: Grapefruit Lemon Mint Pink pepper Jasmine Juniper Magnolia Cashmere wood Elemi Patchouli
Notes: Lavandin Lemon Violet Anise seeds Coumarine Hay Licorice Frankincense Tonka beans Vetiver
Notes: Carrot seeds Honey Tobacco Celery Iris Iris butter Juniper Violet Cedar Frankincense Musk Vanilla Vetiver
Notes: Apricot Bergamot Blackcurrant Peach Saffron Acacia Cyclamen Lily Magnolia Salt Ylang-ylang Musk Patchouli Vanilla
Notes: Geranium Nutmeg Salt Acacia Cedar Cyclamen Lily Rose Ylang-ylang Amber Leather Rosewood Sandalwood Vanilla
£95.00 - 50 ml EdP
Out Of Stock
Notes: Cloves Davana Jasmine Saffron Caramel Oud Rose Cypriole Gaïac wood Labdanum Musk Nagarmotha Patchouli Sandalwood
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