A 3-D orange: Arancia di Sicilia by Perris

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A 3-D orange: Arancia di Sicilia by Perris. This is a delectable citrus perfume featuring blood orange extracts sourced from Sicily along with coffee absolute and amber. For Arancia de Sicilia, Perris picked the iconic citrus of Sicily: orange sanguinella (the blood orange) sourced from a producer who uses two traditional methods of extraction. The first is to obtain the brown-coloured essential oil from the rind, without touching the fruit pulp which is used for drinks. The second method takes place when the growing season draws to a close. The entire fruit is passed through a press, blending oil from its peel with the juice. Then a sfumatorchio extractor is used to separate the juice from the pulp, and finally a centrifuge separates the oil from the juice. Perris blends essential oils from both methods to magically recreate the summer in Sicily with its oranges, strong coffee and sweet patisserie treats

Top notes: blood orange Heart: almond, cinnamon Base notes: amber, coffee, labdanum, musk

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