Citrus perfumes that last: Eau Papaguéna by Elisire

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Here the trick is actually to use the blossom not the zest. On top of that, the citrus notes are encased in ambroxan, which protects and highlights the freshness of grapefruit and orange flowers.
In addition, there is the supporting base layer of green freshness: basil, tarragon, cypress and vetiver.
The name: Eau Papaguéna can be interpreted as Papageno’s cologne.
He is a character from Mozart’s Magic Flute. He catches birds for the Queen of the Night. In return, he receives daily food and drink from her, and not in short supply: he is allowed to fill his stomach with wine and sugar bread.

Top notes:  bergamot, cardamom, grapefruit blossom
Heart notes:  basil, orange blossom, peppermint, tarragon

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