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Extracting roots

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Extracting roots.

There aren’t many roots in perfumery and most of them are technically rhizomes (underground stems), but there is a royal perfume material among them: orris. It comes from the roots (rhizomes) of iris. The note of iris in perfumes is a woody/leather note coming from the twisted bulb that forms under the ground. The iris flowers have no distinct aroma and cannot yield any material useful to perfumers. The rhizomes however, when dried, pulverized and extracted produce a material (orris butter) that has a complex (musky, ambery, green, fruity and leathery) pleasant and extremely long lasting aroma.

Best orris perfumes we have: Iris Cendre by Naomi Goodsir, Nettuno by Mendittorosa, Scotch Peat by Strangers, Noiressense by J.U.S and many more. Explore at Bloom.

Smoky Gourmand Iris
Vintage/old school
Notes bergamot mandarin frankincense violet amber cistus labdanum orris (iris root) tobacco
Frozen Musks and Spices
Notes benzoin carrot seeds cyclamen ginger haiti vetiver leather nutmeg orris (iris root) pink pepper rose rum vetiver white musk
Smoky Herbs
Notes artemisia candied fruit lavender absolute malted barley peat wormwood cade cypress honey labdanum leather milk chocolate orris (iris root) smoke spruce whisky atlas cedar clearwood hay moss tonka beans
Floral Lava from Fire to Matte Black
Notes bigarade bitter orange sorbet black pepper hedione ink leather musk orange blossom orris (iris root)
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