Aran อรัญ by PRIN

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Just in: Aran อรัญ by PRIN, a one-of-a-kind animalic blend in which the perfumer explores his favorite style (animalic/incense) and invites us to travel deep into the jungle of Aran อรัญ (Thai for forest) or to be more specific the Himmavanta, a mythical forest surrounding the sacred mount Meru (the centre of the world in Buddhism).

This forest is inhabited by mystical monsters, demigods and also will be the place to find the Nariphon tree which bears fruit in the shape of young maidens. Aran the perfume is all about the beastly shadows of the thickest forests featuring goat hair extract, civet, oakmoss, oud, mushroom extract, tobacco and more. It's one of the most animalic leathers we have ever come across at Bloom. Aran is strange, dark and stirs up primal memories from cavemen times.

Notes: cardamom, castoreum, civet, dark musks, fir balsam, frankincense, goat hair, incense, jasmine absolute, jatamansi, leather, mushroom, nagarmotha, oakmoss, oud, saffron, sandalwood, tobacco, vetiver.

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