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Just in: Bohemian by Swedoft. Bohemian adds a new oud variety to Bloom’s portfolio of oud themes perfumes – Moluccas oud. It has been obtained for you by Swedoft in that same remote tiny archipelago that was the cause of spice wars over pepper and nutmeg in 17th century. Moluccas have their own unique micro-climate and soil enriched with volcanic ash. So please savoir the earthy leathery oud note that reflects the faraway island’s topical air. The perfumer highlights this material’s earthy vibes with white pepper, vetiver and patchouli. Bohemian is a potent rich leather perfume, smelling of leather maps, precious spices and single shot pistols hidden in antique treasure chests.

Notes: cedarwood, davana, incense, leather, nutmeg, oud, patchouli, sandalwood, smoke, vetiver, white pepper

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