Just in: Darin's Musk

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Just in: Darin's Musk. The name of the perfume is a reference to the ancient port of Darin (located on the Tarout island/جزيرة تاروت‎ in the modern day Saudi Arabia).This port was famous in the Middle ages as the musk exchange hub, where merchants from everywhere would come to buy deer musk. Darin’s musk was legendary (top quality and genuine). Swedoft are treating us to that fabled musk aroma in a poetic modern perfume way. Darin’s Musk is a bright, voluminous fresh musk cloud. It’s not animalic. It’s white musk, clean and exquisite. It did however inherit the outstanding longevity and diffusiveness of the original deer musk traded centuries ago in the port of Darin.

Notes: anise seeds, rose, white musk

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