Just in: Gingerlise by J.U.S

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Gingerlise by J.U.S A wonderful and strange formula where citruses meet aromatic herbs and then lush spices. This fragrant suspense story is the result of perfumer’s visit to Madagascar where she came across blue ginger, a root that when exposed to air turns bright blue. This feeling of surprise and sensory wonder is the inspiration for Gingerlise.

The perfumer on purpose creates the “is it blue or is it green or is it yellow” effect – same as the colour of the bottle. She carefully stiches Mediterranean citruses with bitter herbs, but then adds sweet fig only to sweep you in the juicy blue ginger territory.

Notes: amber, angelica root, bergamot, cabreuva wood, fig, ginger, herbs, lemon, orange, pink pepper, wormwood

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