Just in: Mandodari by PRIN

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Just in: Mandodari by PRIN (and a reincarnation of the perfumer's earlier formula - Morah).

The perfume is named after a heroine from Ramayana, the ancient Hindu epic. She was a stunningly beautiful, devoted and pious wife of a king and in her time had to manage her husbands temper, the wrath of the gods and participate in politics and the kingdom's affairs in general while negotiating with an army of Hanuman's celestial monkeys. So the perfume formula is a vintage femme fatale accessory with intoxicating jungle flowers, an accord of sweet opium and a bit of film noir tobacco smoke.

Notes: aldehydes, ash, champaca, civet, coffee, cumin, frangipani, gardenia, incense, leather, oakmoss, opium, sandalwood, teak wood, tobacco, tuberose.

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