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This perfume is part of their 'perfume gold' collection celebrating the staple vintage materials. Musk Extreme is a replica of the aromas and a dedication to animalic musks that were at the base of most perfumes before the era of synthetics. For instance, Chanel No 5 formula was around 1/3 of civet and 1/3 castoreum supporting its amazing floral ingredients. Perris in Musk Extreme pay a tribute to vintage civet and deer musk, mixing powdery aldehydes, orris and molecules that are the same as those giving the unique sensual (or even naughty) aroma to animals' secretions (but are now synthesized in a lab rather than taken from animals).

Try the perfume at Bloom and also we have specimen of the deer and beaver pouches for educational purposes and curious noses can to sniff the perfume history and compare it to modern ethical replicas of these materials.

Top notes: aldehydes, fresh, rose.

Heart: jasmine, ylang ylang, orris, spices.

Base: musk, dry woods, animalic musks replica, vanilla

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