Just in: Nefer by Prissana.

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Just in: Nefer by Prissana. Nefer (as in Nefertiti!), in ancient Egyptian was the word for beauty or goodness. If you were to trace the history of perfume as far as first records ever made by humans you will probably end up in ancient Egypt. The incense, the embalming solutions and personal perfume to show status, connect to gods and in case of Cleopatra to seduce. The queen was known to soak the sails of her Nile ships in rose oil so the wind would herald the fragrant news of her imminent arrival. When archaeologists found some ancient bottles in the tombs the perfumes worthy of the afterlife apparently were prepared with myrrh, cinnamon and cardamom among other ingredients. Nefer, the new perfume from Prissana is loosely based on the whole story, the ancient incense recipe, the appeal of a mysterious fragrance and the dry desert winds carrying the spicy balms aromas. 

Notes: amber, amyris, benzoin, black pepper, caraway, cardamom, cinnamon, coffee, coriander, elemi, gaiac / guaiac wood, ginger, incense, myrrh, nagarmotha, narcissus, nutmeg, rose, saffron, sandalwood, tangerine

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