Just in: Nigredo by Anna Zworykina

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Just in: Nigredo by Anna Zworykina, an opaque and ultimately earthy perfume. Nigredo is a word from the alchemists’ vocabulary and is a study of darkness and shadows. It’s the first stage one must take in creating the Philosopher's Stone. Anna’s olfactive study of darkness features: tuberose, the earthy boletus mushroom absolute, soft vanilla, sweet patchouli, spicy green pepper and cognac oil. Such a variety of opulent materials and notes offers the sense that you are immersed in the beautiful and never-ending black beyond.

Notes: castoreum, cognac, elemi, frankincense, mushroom, oakmoss, opoponax, orris (iris root), osmanthus, oud, patchouli, pepper, rose, sedge, spikenard, tuberose, vanilla, vetiver

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