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Just in: Oud Imperial (Luca Maffei for Perris) in the extrait version. It's intensely smoky, dark and full of dense opaque woody shade. The EdP option smells drier and more like a damp autumn forest (and has a peculiar mushroom effect of oud). The extrait of Oud Imperial is much smokier. Perris are rebalancing each composition for the extrait version. They shift the focus from the top notes to the base raising the amounts of base ingredients to achieve a richer, more opulent and luxurious effect. Pure indulgence in the theme. #rarepefume #attar #perfume Top notes: jasmine, cumin, citrus. Heart: incense, patchouli, saffron, papyrus. Base notes: sandalwood, natural oud, cedarwood, labdanum, vetyver, birch.
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