Just in: Qi by Ormonde Jayne

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Just in: Qi by Ormonde Jayne. This perfume is part of the Four Corners of the Earth collection and represents Cathay, the legendary lands where people for millennia believed in notions of various flows of energy. Qi is the flow of life running through everything, invisible but essential. It’s in the blooming flowers, zing of spices, tonifying properties of green tea and beyond. Qi the perfume has symbolic references to both the land and the notion of qi: Chinese osmanthus bloom, green tea, zesty citruses and barely detectable to our noses molecule - hedione that helps flowers bloom and propagate their aroma. This molecule carries the mix of Qi in a gentle but confident way. The elixir is also exceptionally concentrated, at 42%. Hence the 'intensivo' in the title.

Top notes: freesia, lemon blossom, neroli Heart: black tea, hedione, osmanthus, rose, violet

Base notes: benzoin, mate tea, moss, musk, myrrh

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