Just in: Tsarina by Ormonde Jayne

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Just in: Tsarina by Ormonde Jayne. This perfume is part of the Four Corners of the Earth collection, and represents a romantic view of the Eastern lands known variously throughout history as Moscovia, the Russian empire, USSR, and now, Russia. These fabled landscapes are the setting for Slavic folk tales about the cannibal witch Baba Yaga, the three headed dragons, and many brave maidens ruling over kingdoms. This region which is also the setting for beloved classic literature including War and Peace and Eugene Onegin. Tsarina/Царица is an ancient title for a female ruler of these lands, whether imaginary or real. Tsarina the perfume has romantic references to fairy tales and the opulence of courts: delectable candied citruses, the waxy, melted candle-like nuance of sandalwood, and the fine leather/fur presence provided by orris and labdanum.

Top notes: bergamot, cassis, coriander, mandarin

Heart: freesia, hedione, jasmine, orris (iris root), suede

Base notes: cedarwood, labdanum, musk, sandalwood, vanilla

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