Just in: Young Cossack by Anna Zworykina.

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Just in: Young Cossack by Anna Zworykina. An intense, smoky herbal blend that, like all of Anna's creations, will transport you to an imaginary landscape. It's inspired by Cossacks, the soldier-farmers who live in the steppes in the south of Russia, accomplished horsemen guarding the borders since the days of Catherine the Great.

You are welcome to devise your own story, but here at Bloom, we imagine a young Cossack resting among haystacks and wild herbs, smoking his clay pipe while contemplating the starry sky. His friends are sitting by the open fire nearby. Smoke is wafting through wild thyme and wormwood.

Notes: absinthe, castoreum, cumin, davana, frankincense, galbanum, hay, immortelle, lavender, leather, oakmoss, oregano, oud, smoke, tarragon, thyme, tobacco, vetiver, wormwood

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