The aroma of coffee and its symbolism

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The aroma of coffee and its symbolism: the begining of a beautiful day (especially if someone made it for you), a well-deserved break or adventures of London merchants who went to discover the coffee lands in 17th century.

Pick your story and enjoy in SM Cafe by Strangers, a star of realistic coffee perfumes with the best, in our opinion, almost holographic espresso aroma accord,10 out of 10. However, SM is not a flat boring coffee aroma recreation, there is much more going, with leather, tobacco and a suggestive animalic nuance. They left a lot to your imagination.

Notes: coffee absolute, Russian leather, suede, javanol, lavender, amber, benzoin, tobacco, cade, cedarwood Atlas, tonka bean, beeswax absolute, maraschino cherry, patchouli, cashmeran, rose.

Also part of the latest Coffee aroma in perfumes sample pack.

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