The eternal one: 720 by Sybarite

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The eternal one: 720 by Sybarite. This perfume is about continuity of humankind through scent. The simple number in thename is actually 720 B.C., the year when the Roman city of Sybaris was founded and yes, perfume and incense was already a commodity back then in high demand to delight the senses, show the status off and... of course, seduce.

Sybarites became legendary for their indulgence and pursuit of pleaures, fine aromas being one of them. Secondly, 720 is an amber (a mix of resins ranging from leathery, incensy, sweet to salty, etc.), a theme every generation rediscovers and reinterprets. 720 in particular is a balanced smooth flowing mix with a bit of smoky tar at the very core.

Notes: amber, ambroxan, birch tar, cardamom, cedarwood, cinnamon, lavender, nutmeg, patchouli, tonka beans

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