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Tuberose in pefumes

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Tuberose in pefumes: a rich honeyed note ranging from an opulent floral presence to almost leathery darkness.

For tuberose as the main theme try Tuberose Absolue by Perris and PG17 Tubereuse Couture by Pierre Guillaume, for tuberose as part of a big floral story try Gigi by Jardins d'Ecrivains and Nightingale by Zoologist and for the leather incense effect of tuberose try Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio.

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Flower Furore
Notes jasmine kalamanzi tuberose ylang-ylang ash benzoin sugar cane
Tags #sweet
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Sultry Tuberose
Notes cut grass neroli orange blossom blackcurrant jasmine tuberose sandalwood white musk
Tags #sexy
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Kawaii Hana | カワイイ 花
Notes bergamot lemon saffron rose sakura blossom violet ambergris frankincense labdanum moss oud patchouli sandalwood white musk
Tags #powdery
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Saffron Incense
Notes bigarade orange petitgrain prunes saffron tuberose tuberose absolute incense leather papyrus vetiver amber benzoin musk
Style for her for him unisex
from £84.00
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