Phaedon Paris

Phaedon (the name is a reference to ancient Greece) takes you on an olfactive journey through the Mediterranean, a curated collection of memories inspired by places, cities, islands, exotic destinations and indigenous flora.

In line with ancient Greece aesthetics the perfumes are streamlined and perfected doing away with fripperies and the traditional layered perfume pyramid. The resulting fragrances are linear and simple in construction. There are some exotic notes such as Malaga wine, terracotta or truffles and new distillation methods to create perfect silage and insure longevity.

Originally launched in 2011 by two passionate aesthetes, Phaedon has been relaunched for 2013 under the helm of master perfumer Pierre Guillaume. The line has been expanded with the introduction of several new fragrances and a new highly concentrated Eau de Parfums.

The romantic origins of the perfume house name

Born in the 417 BC, Phaedo of Elis was a high born slave who was taken prisoner as a youth during the war between Sparta and Elis. Bought by a friend of Socrates, it was at dinner held by his master that Phaedo greatly impressed Socrates with his answer to question posed by the philosopher. He was freed and became a disciple of Socrate's teachings, later forming his own school of philosophy. Lending his name to both a famous dialogue of Plato, it is Phaedo who gives his name to Phaedon.