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Are any of your perfumes tested on animals?
All of the fragrances stocked at Bloom Perfumery are produced with accordance to IFRA regulations. 
Some are even 100% allergen free. None of the products we stock are tested on animals.
I'm not sure what perfumes or notes I like, can you help me?
In store we offer highly attentive customer service, we pride ourselves on helping people navigate the vast world of perfume. If you are planning on visiting the store and would like some one to one guidance please email to ensure that someone will be available to service you. 
Otherwise you can use our very handy search function, or email the store for guidance. 
I've forgotten my password, am I able to reset it?
Yes. If you go to the account log in page you will see an option that allows you to reset your password. 
You will receive an email containing a link which will allow you to reset password, please follow the link to reset your password.
If you have issues completing this process please contact
I'm a vegan/vegetarian, do any of your perfumes contain ingredients derived from animals?
Very few modern perfumes contain ingredients derived from animals. 
Whilst it is true that the history of perfume is indebted to ingredients such as musk and civet, modern perfumery almost exclusively uses synthetics or natural alternatives such as ambrette seed or angelica root to replicate animalic notes. The used castoreum in Saffron Rose for example is a synthetic recreation. Ambergris and beeswax are probably the only genuine animalic ingredients still used in perfumery. However, with ambergris no animals get hurt. Ambergris is a lump of fat regurgitated by a sperm whale (this fat protects its food pipe from spiky sea food). This fat has to float for some years in salty ocean water before it’s any good.
Do you blend or mix bespoke perfume?
No. Bloom Perfumery operate exclusively as a retailer, we leave the scented art to the noses!
A well-made perfume will take a minimum of 6-8 months to macerate (sit in a tank where alcohol and perfume formula mature together). Coming up with a formula can take years. Usually it will be dozens sometimes hundreds of attempt before a nose is satisfied with the result. Creating perfume is like much creating painting, you have to blend ingredients together skilfully to create something that is harmonious, it takes time and talent.
I'm allergic to a particular ingredient, are you able to help me find a suitable perfume?
Certainly. We have a list of all the potential allergens contained in our perfumes, if you are aware that a particular ingredient triggers an allergic reaction then please let us know. Just email with your concerns or worries and we can help you find a suitable perfume. 
Do I need to set up an account to order from your website?
Yes. To register for an account you will require a valid email address. 
You can register for an account here. Upon registering you will receive a confirmation email, to confirm your account you need to follow the link contained in the email otherwise your log in will not work. Please double check your spam folder to ensure that the confirmation email has not arrived there by mistake!
If you have issues logging in or creating an account please email