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What makes a bestseller? We have observed how customers select perfumes in the niche world (with no heavy marketing or big brand pressure) for years. It seems that a recipe for a bestseller needs to belong to a familiar comfort zone but have a novel nuance - a subtle, intriguing feature that attracts attention. A bestseller also needs to be harmonious, and made from materials that correspond to the price. In this selection we have very expensive perfumes as well as budget options, but they're all good value for money.

This edit showcases the best examples of popular requests: something fresh, something incensey, something sexy for going out, and something to indulge your own senses.

Memoirs of a Trespasser Imaginary Authors Smoky Vanilla

An irresistible natural vanilla from Madagascar, alluring, soft, slightly smoked. It’s versatile enough to be an everyday scent but is delightfully happy to add a little exotic spark to any ordinary day.

Salted Green Mango Strangers Parfumerie Non-clichéd fresh

An exercise in fresh, but from an outsider's perspective. The perfumer is from Thailand and in this popular formula, he tries new ideas such as mixing sour green mango with green chillies.

Tabac Rouge Phaedon Paris Polished tobacco

This perfume has been rolling over from one year’s bestsellers list to the next for a while now. The secret could be that there is enough intrigue and room for imagination – the several key notes (tobacco, incense, spices and honey) nicely compete for your attention in an engaging way. Also, the materials in this perfume are of exceptional quality. There is rich Turkish tobacco, ambery Siam benzoin and sparks of delicious spices to delight your senses.

You or Someone Like You Etat Libre d'Orange Enhanced fresh

This formula is engineered fresh that goes beyond nature’s pragmatic and economic design. The perfumer used molecules that naturally give plants such as mint, shizo and eucalyptus their characteristic refreshing bliss, and merged them according to their artistic vision. But it’s not a synthetic fresh - it’s more of an engineered artistic fresh. Irresistible and essential on a hot humid day.

Rasputin SweDoft Sexy and mystical incense

An excellently rich and balanced incense with a finish only possible in the world of niche perfume. Swedoft blends these exquisite materials (including natural oud oil), plunging the container with the macerating perfume juice to the bottom of the Oresund Strait. After 90 days, the water pressure in the dark, glacial sea produces unique results, flawlessly combining the ingredients to fuse the formula.

Entre Ciel et Mer Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere A marine dream

This formula is a dreamy marine perfume. The woody notes seems to be bleached by the sun and salt. There is a drop of real marine algae absolute for convincing sea breeze vibes. It has confident projection and structure (what a lot of marine experiments lack) and it never goes in the direction of ‘air freshener’ marine.

Sexycrush J.U.S Elegantly yummy

This perfume is elegantly yummy. It will produce the immediate “oh, you smell nice” effect if necessary, but Sexycrush has depth and intrigue beyond the initial sweet impression. The perfume has a beautiful evolution filled with incense, precious woods and the gently smoky aroma of vanilla pods.

Santal du Pacifique Perris Monte Carlo Feel good sandalwood

An essential clean and fresh staple for any perfume wardrobe. Easy to like, easy to wear, excellently executed, this perfume is a popular choice by people who want one smart-casual scent for any occasion. However, it’s also a comfy off-duty choice for connoisseurs (who cannot resist the exquisite sandalwood Perris are using for this blend).