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Explore the phenomenon of aphrodisiacs in perfume and whether such molecules/materials exist, and if yes, what do they smell like?

The general public, scientists and big pharma companies have been asking those questions for quite a while now. So far no research, experiments or tests have revealed any molecules, compounds or mechanisms in humans that act like, for example, pheromones in insects (where you wear them and potential partners start queueing and buzzing around).

We will repeat: molecules that one can put on ones’ skin and become more sexually attractive do not exist for humans nor have they been discovered yet.

What can be counted as inhalable aphrodisiacs then?

This edit explores perfumes as messages and suggestive context: pulse quickening spices, animalic (dirty&naughty) notes, relaxing vanilla, suggestive patchouli, indecent smelling leathery irises and artistic experiments with an orgy or intercourse ambiance. However, all of that will be our imagination rather than actual libido enhancing molecules.

Anima Dulcis Arquiste Hot chili and seductive vanilla

Try for hot chili, seductive vanilla and suggestive cumin. The whole formula was put together to smell like a hot kitchen full of young women baking desserts, before the era of deodorants and modern hygiene standards.

Civet Zoologist An outright dirty civet note

For outright dirty thoughts try the civet note in Civet. The civet cats produce that powerful secretion to mark their territory and to attract potential mating partners. People of course have tried civet on themselves to see if it will work as an aphrodisiac. The civet scent is a complex voluminous combination of layers of fecal, honeyed, ambery, chocolate and feral nuances. Sensual? Yes. Provocative? Oh, yes.

Junky Jardins d’Écrivains A naughty leathery iris

Junky among other things is a naughty leathery iris perfume, well balanced with dry skanky hemp and various woods. In Junky iris never becomes powdery but glides along sweet, elusive leather theme. Decadent and spoilt.

Secretions Magnifiques Etat Libre d'Orange An artistic representaion of aromas of bodily fluids produced at most exciting times

An outrageous mix of molecules which smell like bodily fluids produced at the most exciting times. In short it smells like an orgy.

Ambre Céruléen Pierre Guillaume Black Collection A sensual soft amber

Try this perfume for a sensual soft amber nuance. The classic formula has been slightly updated by the perfumer and all conventional ingredients of an amber recipe have been swapped for lighter options: labdanum became opoponax, vanilla became tonka and patchouli became a smoother cleaner mix of verbena and sandal.

PG21 Felanilla Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale An impeccably executed amber

Try this sensual perfume for an irresistible vanilla and iris combination. Vanilla was deemed to be an aphrodisiac since antiquity and modern research revealed that breast milk naturally has a vanilla-like scent/flavor. So for us humans, it is a relaxing agent, subconsciously related to comforting tactile sensations and sense of security. The aroma of the iris butter also often represents an idealized scent of naked human skin in perfumery. In PG21 both of these references are mixed for the maximum sensual allure.

Une Amourette Etat Libre d'Orange Indolic woods and flowers

It’s called A Fling (une amourette in French) for a start and the perfume is a union of an intense indolic (fecal) floral theme and a fine fraction of patchouli oil (aka akigalawood), quite fascinatingly with mostly dry incensy nuances. It feels a bit like wearing a tight fitting leather dress against naked skin.

Infanta en Flor Arquiste A baroque leather corset

The indolic nuance of orange blossom usually hides in safer mixes but in this perfume its mischievous potential is encouraged by some ‘bad’ company of leathery immortelle and labdanum.

Act Der Duft Scented provocation: ultimately dirty