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Dare-to-wear perfumes. Halloween 2019 special theme

You can order all perfumes featured in this theme as a pack of samples.


In this theme

Usually we are very serious with our thematic edits but once a year we compile the weirdest and silliest perfumes into one bizarre sample pack.

This year’s selection will feature a 'horny zombie aftershave', a scent blended with fossilized urine which is thousands of years old, a formula inspired by liquefied corpses, one that is sea inspired and one that is a mountain of chocolate and more.

A perfume which is dare to wear doesn’t have to be scary or off-putting but it has to evoke a question: why and how? Why would you want to smell like a chocolate pie? or a burned tire? and how on earth did the perfumer achieve this effect?

Squid Zoologist Beware of the naughty tentacles

Squid on a beach in a pool of its own ink, anyone?

Secretions Magnifiques Etat Libre d'Orange Horny zombie aftershave

We’ll just leave the list of notes below. Smell the perfume, read the list of notes. Did the “why?” question pop into your head? That is a case of dare to wear. Notes: iodine accord (fucus, azurone), adrenalin accord, blood accord, milk accord, iris, coconut, sandalwood, opoponax

Vi et Armis Beaufort Gunpowder, arrhhh! and opium

This perfume always makes eyes wider when people encounter it. However, for some noses it's bonfires and adventure and for some noses it's too smoky, too spicy, too loud and too bizarre.

Hyrax Zoologist Fossilized urine inspired leather

This perfume contains a very romantic ingredient: fossilized urine of desert rats (hyraceum or African stone). Most likely the hyraceum in Hyrax is thousands of years old. Zoologist commission formulas to various perfumers around the world and the stories have to be about the habitat of an animal. Hyrax is dry, rich and animalic, imagine a colony of warm furry creatures producing heat, excretions and food left-overs in the dust winds of the African continent.

Nuit de Bakélite Naomi Goodsir For all the Poison Ivys out there

 It’s so green it smells poisonous. However, this green leather effect was achieved with the finest of floral extracts from karo karounde, tuberose and ylang-ylang.

PG04 Musc Maori Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale How much cocoa is too much?

Will you turn yourself into a yummy delight with this one? Cocoa overload to become a cocoa overlord.

Sombre Strangers Parfumerie What is out there beyond life?

An exercise in olfactive ugly (accords of vomit, dead animals liquefied inside, ready to blow-up, etc.), a piece of art... in a way.

Ukiyo-E Gri Gri Burned popped rice and bitter green tea blend

This one will be a great compliment to a bucket of popcorn costume as Ukiyo-E features a strange and rare note of popped rice. This accord is bitter and caramel sweet at the same time and is floating in a savory green tea ambiance. Certainly not a frequently visited aromatic corner.

Orlando Jardins d’Écrivains Historically accurate

A blast of spices and the aromas of Elizabethan London's streets, the time when they were just thinking of inventing sewage as we know it.