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Perfumer: Daniel PescioWith Chameleon Zoologist continue the theme of tropical habitats full of heavenly exotic flowers. In this perfume you can experience them as a little creature with independently mobile...

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Perfumer: Joseph DeLapp With Dodo Zoologist are venturing into fougeres. It’s a perfume style which is more than a century old but is so good it’s still very much en vogue....

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Hue (the town of the dead kings ) is a city as well as a complex expanse of ancient ruins in central Vietnam. The perfume is a super layered smellscape...

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Kombu Nectar

KombuNectar is a dual-action magic balm. It can be used daily as a cleansing balm that removes make-up, the first step in double cleansing. Thanks to its affinity with the...

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Venetian Red

Another exciting smellscape: antique Venice, with all its magical beauty to the eye and reality to the nose. In Venetian Red you have smells of damp plaster, old bricks, slow green...

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Mécanique du Désir

Mécanique du Désir is it the 'mechanic I desire' or 'mechanics of desire'. Let everyone decide when they encounter this perfume.  The odour of engine grease and elegant aftershave amalgamated...

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Fallen Leaves

Some perfume magic, a perfume that captured the soul of autumn, complete with foggy cold mornings (orris), dry leaves (the effect of various balsams and resins), sleepy sun (played by...

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Sunlight was commissioned by Brocard to Bertrand Duchaufour. It is their first experiment in the luxury segment and an approach to perfume making as conceptual art. To understand this perfume...

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Scents of Nature| Meadow Strawberry & Wild Herbs

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Nebbia Densa

This perfume is dedicated to nature's cathedrals - forests, caves and waterfalls and to the moments when they are decorated with fog. 

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A challenging complex perfume with a core created around 5 different types of lavender. It's not a lavender perfume though. The purple flowered herbs  are combined with absolute of Damask rose and jasmine...

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Violets Pack

Explore violets in perfumery from formulas featuring the rare and expensive violet leaf absolute to flower aroma interpretations (from bon-bon to enfleurage).   9 x 1 ml: For a gourmand...