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This day face cream for dry skin is formulated to restore skin's elasticity and to protect it from daily stress such as pollution, air-conditioning, etc. The combination of olive, sachi inchi...

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  Macadamia oil and Tahiti monoï oil restore the elasticity, tone and turgor of devitalized skin. Olive and sacha inchi oils enhance skin’s natural barriers thanks to the high concentration...

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Multi-Function Facial Oil

Ami Iyok’s Slow Liquid is an advanced multi-function facial oil which can penetrate deep, evening the skin tone, acting on age marks and helping to restore luminosity and firmness with...

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My Perfect Skin Serum

Ami Iyok's My Perfect Skin is a slow ageing serum that utilises the power of organic materials to repair your skin and help remove unwanted blemishes. Ginseng and ginkgo biloba are antioxidants...

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Ultrarich Dream

This night cream restores all the moisture your skin lost during the day and builds its protection up overnight, be it against pollution, air-conditioned environment, heating, windy weather, fatigue, and so on. The cream...

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