Earthy vetiver
Top Notes grapefruit lemon mint pink pepper
Heart jasmine juniper magnolia
Base Notes cashmere wood elemi patchouli vetiver

Fog of dusk.

The area surrounding the Italian village of Atri is famous for the dense layer of fog that descends at dusk and Aer takes its inspiration directly from that natural phenomenon, translating the way that the fog dampens and envelopes the fields of grass and the village’s ancient masonry.

Aer’s elements of freshly cut grass and smoke converge into something that is a lot brighter and more uplifting than it sounds though. Grapefruits, lemons, mint and lavender jump out from the bottle first, and then the heart of juniper berry, jasmin and magnolia really opens up with the cashmere wood and patchouli sitting quietly at the structure’s base.

Please note: only the 100ml bottles come with the ornate rosario lid (pictured).

The 50ml bottles do not.

Part of the Cashmeran edit and sample pack.

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