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'For Her' bestsellers of the year theme

You can order all perfumes featured in this theme as a pack of samples.


In this theme

When it comes to ladies’ favourites the most popular choices seem to be within the following catergories: floral (covering both rose and key white florals - jasmine and tuberose), clean musk, fresh spring breeze vibes or some soft cozy amber idea. The edit below illustrates these results.

PG4.1 Le Musc & La Peau Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Our top selling musk

The queen of the clean abstract musks theme. Engineered by humans macrolytic musks are not found in fruit, plants, any food, etc. so when we smell them our imagination is pleasantly intrigued and you can imagine any story in a voluminous musky formula. Perhaps, this could be the appeal of PG4.1. It’s ultramodern, intriguing and open to interpretation.

103 Bon Parfumeur A versatile white floral

A winner in the “floral but not sweet” nomination. 103 has a gentle and distinctly floral character. However, the balance of the formula is ideally non sweet: green neroli counteracts jasmine and bergamot tones down tropical frangipani.

PG26 Isparta Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale A seductive rose

A very popular rose themed perfume with a bit of an oriental touch. There are hundreds of rose perfumes out there. What makes PG26 Isparta special? Maybe the balance of the Turkish Isparta roses and radiant amber background? The quality of the materials? Or, perhaps, it’s just beautiful.

Sogno Reale Mendittorosa An impeccably executed amber

Sogno Reale belongs to a classic and eternal amber theme. Amber is a recipe which involves resins, patchouli and vanilla. Many perfumers have interpreted this recipe many times. Sogno Reale has more focus on the woody potential of amber and it’s beautifully framed with some marine touches.

Scents of Nature | Tomato Leaves & Blackcurrant Brocard Green Sunshine

One of the most gentle green scents out there or the greenest of the soft fruity florals? Tomato Leaves and Blackcurrant has been a very popular choice in the green ‘for her’ category winning over noses with its carefree radiance of a spring garden where the aromas of herbs mix with the aromas of the first strawberries blushing in the green shade.

Still Life Olfactive Studio A Feminine Citrus Option

Latin Lover CARNER A generous white floral/party dress accessory

A generous white floral in which the perfumer genuinely worships the beauty of jasmine, magnolia, ylang-ylang, narcissus and other flowers.

PG17 Tubéreuse Couture Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale A heady rich tuberose

This is a winner in the floral perfumes that get you noticed by category. A tuberose note is the perfume equivalent of sequins in clothing. Some ladies rock both as part of their everyday appearance, but for most tuberose is a dress up/ smart perfume option. PG17 Tubereuse Couture is a rich, powerful fragrance which will fill all the space in any room you enter. This is the special quality of white flowers’ aromas and honeyed tuberose is the elite of opulent diffusiveness.room you enter. This is the special quality of white flowers’ aromas and honeyed tuberose is the elite of opulent diffusiveness.

L'Eau de Marceline Jardins d’Écrivains Gentle bloom mist

A generous (300 ml) body mist and a gentle rose/white flowers mix. This combination will forever be a popular one and in L’Eau de Marceline it’s executed in an innocent, elegant and carefree way. Young and feminine.