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Green in Perfume theme

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This edit and sample pack explore green nuances in perfume and materials that perfumers use to create it.

A perfume belongs to a green family if aromas such as green leaves, cut grass, cucumber, runner beans, green tea and so on dominate in the character. Green perfumes are much brighter, sharper and juicier than anything in the related aromatic (herbaceous) family and are not as woody as coniferous perfumes. However, some notes/materials such as basil, or pine span families revealing greener or woodier nuances depending on what else the perfumer chooses to put in the formula

The most straightforward green materials are: lentisque (mastic) and galbanum resins, green tea (real essence or an imaginary accord), green grass/ leaves accords (made with hexenal and other molecules which really relate to what grass/leaves emit when damaged or molecules that just smell similar), freesias, neroli, violet leaves and pine.

PG24 Papyrus de Ciane Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale For the fresh reed stems accord try

Try for galbanum resin and the fresh reed stalks accord. PG24 is also a vintage leather from the era of isoquinolines (the beginning of 20th century). These compounds were derived from tar at the time and perfumers discovered that when introduced into a perfume formula, isoquinolines help to achieve a very convincing leather accord, a touch smoky and sharp. Leather and green have the common denominator of bitter and in PG24 green galbanum seamlessly becomes leather through the bitter nuance.

Pure Azure Phaedon Paris For fig leaves and green neroli try

Try for the sharp emerald green neroli. Pure Azure is almost the perfume formula of the Mediterranean summer with a complex bright green character built around neroli supported by shady tonka, green fig tree leaves and a sea breeze accord.

Aube Pashmina Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Sweet Aromatic Leaves

Try for a pleasantly fresh 'shady overgrown garden' ambiance.

Lentisque Phaedon Paris Try for two powerful greens: galbanum&mastique

The Hulk of perfume ingredients - lentisque (mastique) resin. It has a powerful dark green muscle power, resinous and balsamic, crushing everything in its way. Phaedon’s Lentisque is a perfume with a lot of mastique and is a resinous woody blend with an intensely green character.

L’Eau Simple de Concombre Phaedon Paris Try for a 'florist shop in the morning' ambiance

Try for a 'florist shop in the morning' smellscape: lots of green stems in water, a chorus of fresh flowers and the shop keeper busy peeling excess leaves and cutting off the withered stalk ends.

The Soft Lawn Imaginary Authors Try for a fancy neon green of tennis balls

 If there is a perfume to represent early spring, Soft Lawn is definitely a contender for the title. Full of softly radiant greenness of leaves and grass unfolding in the first definitively warm days. Neon green of tennis balls comes as a bonus. Plastics and green grass actually share some aldehydic chemistry and tennis balls and the grass they hit have some similarities in the aroma.

Elephant Zoologist For the lush jungle vegetation accord try

A perfume that is green on an elephant scale. A superstructure of imaginary lush jungle vegetation disturbed by a big animal walking though. It even comes complete with a warm moist earth nuance (from violet leaf).

Panorama Olfactive Studio Complex green

This is a perfume with a very complex green character. Perfumers incorporated into the formula most of the green options available out there: fantasy accords (bamboo shoots, wasabi etc.) and materials that are natural and smell green: galbanum, violet leaf and fir. All that effort to take you to a hot Californian summer and open a green vista of lush smells of a semi tropical park .