Heroes, Gods, & Monsters theme

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Explore how perfumers create metaphysical dimensions with perfume accords.

A perfume can be a straightforward experience, such as a rose perfume with a pleasant name. It could also be a casual functional citrus cologne, serving as an everyday scented accessory.

However, perfumers sometimes feel like conjuring up an epic story of a Greek hero within the scented dimension, challenging you with a fable monster, or creating a journey to the celestial premises of an antique goddess.

This can be achieved via numerous ways. By shifting the focus of your attention to the concept and the name, exaggerating conventional notes or creating unusual combinations. Finally, a perfumer can use an ultimately rare alien note, such as extracts of mushrooms or goat hair, etc. However, at the end of the day, your imagination and emotional response become the final ingredient of a fantasy, concept or story-driven perfume.

Feel free to indulge your imagination and senses with stories of goddesses, sorceresses, cryptids, epic heroes and more with this special edit.

Ithaka Mendittorosa Odysseus fragrant Mediterranean

A harmonious synergy between materials coming from around the Mediterranean and an epic story set in ancient times in the same region. Leathery labdanum and sunny bergamot invite transport you to Odysseus’s homeland.

Dialogue with Venus Pierre Guillaume White Collection Milky heaven

A perfume which is an encounter with Venus, the Roman mythological embodiment of love, desire, and fertility. The composition features a combination of notes usually perceived as sensual: sandalwood, ylang-ylang and vanilla, alongside an addition of modern technology – a musky accord of naked skin and milk.

Ahuizotl PRIN Aztec cryptic green

A special project between PRIN and Bloom, a bespoke blend depicting a story of an Aztec monster lurking in a black pond in an emerald forest. Ahuizotl would wait for kids to come close to the waters’ edge and snatch them with the claw on its long tale. The dark and mercurial formula features strange and dark materials, such as raw ambergris, seashell extract, mushrooms, pine, etc.

Drakon CARNER Cold-blooded green

A tale of a smart and greedy dragon sleeping on a mountain of gold and gem stones. The perfume has a dark coniferous character which gets darker as it progresses: from cypress and leathery orange blossom to fir and oud.

Sirena Floris A bewitching aquatic

A fragrant story of a mermaid whose irresistible song would bewitch unfortunate sailors to direct their ships at the perilous rocks. There are a few scented references to the story in the formula: a bittersweet accord of poisonous oleander bloom, an accord of sea salt and a generous beautiful floral trail, intended to lure anyone in close proximity to the wearer.

PG05 L’Eau de Circé Pierre Guillaume - Parfumerie Générale Sorceress’ intoxicating potion

Circe was an enchantress and sorceress, who ruled her own island of Aeaea and lured shipwrecked sailors to her feasts, turning them to boars to be served at the next feast. The perfume has an aptly sweet and dark character from the combination of osmanthus, rose, dried fruit and honey.

Fauno Agatho Bacchus’ firestarter

Fauno was a wood-spirit (faun) that would accompany Bacchus and assist him with all matters drunk, mischievous and rowdy. The perfume is fittingly smokey, animalic and grand, just like one of the Bacchus’ feasts.

Garuda Jul Et Mad Winged demigod oud

Quite a few concepts meet in this perfume. Garuda was the mount of a major Hindu deity and also the king of birds, and mighty warrior. The perfume is based around a regal perfume material (oud) from the same region as the story of Garuda. The tangible material experience is combined with a dramatic concept for your imagination.

Theseus Lorenzo Villoresi Leather-clad Minotaur slayer

This fragrance is tracing the steps of an epic hero Theresus, who slayed the Minotaur and came back from the labyrinth with the help of Ariadne's thread. Inspired by the fashion of the epoch (minimal clothes under light armor), the perfume is a refreshing mix of spicy vetiver with a hint of leather.