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This edit explores the tea theme in perfume. It’s only natural that this aromatic plant, rich in pleasant smelling essential oils made it into fragrance as a fancy perfume note.

Perfumers use tea in two ways: either they utilize the beauty of the natural material and use tinctures or absolutes; otherwise tea could be part of a story (and not necessarily be a natural material but an accord). Sometimes one has to invent a fantasy tea note for the Mad Hatter’s tea party or the East India’s tea warehouse settings. This edit covers both approaches: tea as a natural material, rich woody, musky, sometimes fruity and plenty of perfumes with imaginary tea accords.

QI Ormonde Jayne Mountain tea terrasses

Enjoy the aroma of green tea infused with smoky osmanthus. With this perfume the house invites you to travel back in time to ancient Cathay and tea merchants' caravans travelling though vast tea plantations.

Tea Rituals | Dark Delight Тайное Искушение (Discontinued) Brocard Musky Osmanthus Tea

A delectable perfume inspired by oriental blends infused with flowers and spices. Musky leathery osmanthus and magnolia are blended into the dark background of black tea. There is also a candied lemon spark which is refreshing and sweet at the same time.

O, Unknown! Imaginary Authors Try for a dry musky tea nuance

 An elegant exercise in quiet woody musky with the help of tea, orris and sandalwood.

L'Eau de Kakuzo Jardins d’Écrivains For a refreshing tea accord try

Myrrhiad Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Try for the natural black tea absolute

Two of the darkest perfume materials meet in Myrrhiad: black tea absolute and myrrh. The effect? A cozy demure woody fragrance, with mysteriously obscure soft character.

Vi et Armis Beaufort Try for the heavy aroma of tea load in a ship's hold

Tea and gunpowder, the two staples that the East India Company ferried around the world are at the center of this perfume. In Vi et Armis tea is an accord (clever molecules that will smell like smoky tea) and is mixed with aromatic references to all other colonial goods you can think of: gunpowder, opium, spices, brandy, sandal and naturally to the ships tarred hold where all of these commodities would be kept.