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The Sweet Taste of Autumn theme

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Autumn has so many delicious gifts: nuts, honey, cider apples, berries for jam, pumpkins for pies and sweet hay.

When a perfumer sets out to create an autumnal flavour or smell, they can use the genuine raw material (one can distill beeswax or hay), however more often the perfumer sets out to create a fantasy note using synthetic and natural aromas. Tolu balsam can smell like walnuts, the smell of hay can come from coumarin synthesized in a lab or naturally from tonka beans when placed in a composition with grassy aromatic notes. Fruity notes are almost never extracted from the actual fruit but are synthetic molecules which “read” as fruity.

This edit is more about the perfumer’s talent to tell an olfactory story and to exploit your imagination. This collection invites you to enjoy these perfumes like you would a good play. Rather than focus on mechanisms of the stage, the historical accuracy of the props and whether the Stanislavski method was known to the actors, we’d recommend you to sit back and enjoy the performance. This selection is truly about perfume theater.

Vohina Pierre Guillaume Black Collection Lavender honey

A fruity aromatic perfume, dry grass and herbs smelling of summer and honey.

Moth Zoologist Mimosa honey

Moth is a complex fragrance with many nuances, but there is a distinct honey theme going through the story and the formula (a moth lured by a sweet reward, only to perish in flames). We think it’s the darkest of wild honey varieties, gathered from night blooming tropical flowers hiding in thick jungle, sweet tangy, spicy and deadly irresistible.

Or du Sérail Naomi Goodsir Ylang-ylang honey

There is a distinct honey theme flowing majestically through this formula; through the candied fruit in the opening, through the rum accord in the heart and indeed there is a lot of honey nuances in the sweet tobacco and oak in the drydown.

PG10 Aomassaï Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume Hazelnuts

Nuts, the perfume bridge between the woody and gourmand plains. Too often it’s a shy haphazard nuance in the background but not in Aomassai. This perfume is a molten woody gourmand: hazelnut being fried in sticky hot caramel by some street vendor, it’s Irish coffee by the fireplace and the smell of old library where all the wood and books smell sweet because time breaks cellulose into finer sweeter particles to delight our noses.

501 Bon Parfumeur Hazelnuts

501 has a carefully constructed distinct praline accord, the aroma of crushed nuts mixed and heated with cream and caramel.

Liquo Angela Ciampagna A stack of hay

Putting on and wearing Liquo is like jumping and rolling in a stack of curing hay, when grass and incidental herbs still emit the honeyed green warmth. Liquo’s formula has a prominent coumarin core. This compound is naturally present in herbs, spices, tonka beans etc, and has a fascinating freshly-mown-hay-meets-marzipan aroma and is a key ingredient in the classic fougere recipe. But Liquo is a dramatic fairytale fougere as if reworked for Oberon. The sweetness of herbs is taken to mysterious depths by a twist of licorice, the sharpness of vetiver is glazed with earthy violets and tonka beans become smoky with incense.

Scents of Nature | Winter Apples & Wild Strawberry Brocard Apples pie and strawberry jam

Brocard’s Scents of Nature series are sentimental olfactory doors to childhood memories. The Apples & Wild Strawberry is a short story of being sent by grandma to pick apples for a pie, the smell of the caramel crust forming on that pie in the hot oven and strawberry jam stewing in the background. The perfume is a mix of fresh juicy notes and gourmand undertones of caramel and vanilla.

Like This Etat Libre d'Orange A slice of steaming pumkin pie

In Like This the perfumer captured the smell of a hot pumpkin pie, just from the oven: sweet steam rising and teasing you with aromas of spices and delicious caramelized chunks of sweet pumpkin.

Slow Explosions Imaginary Authors Cider apples

This perfume can easily take you to a warehouse filled with baskets full of late summer apples. The cider pressing is underway and the smell of fresh apples is mixing with fermenting fruit busy acquiring the cider spark. Slow Explosions is a special perfume where the fruitiness and the boozy nuance are just incidental effects of saffron, rose and benzoin. It was the perfumer’s skill and imagination that revealed for us that late summer cider house effect.