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Unisex bestsellers of the year theme

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Presenting the bestselling perfumes of 2019 The selection below contains formulas that our customers picked most often this year.

When it comes to unisex the most popular choices seem to be either within the incense or versatile neutral fresh themes. And indeed below are some gorgeous incense inspired perfumes and the rest are various takes on fresh with a bit of a marine bias.

Memoirs of a Trespasser Imaginary Authors A vanilla bestseller

An irresisible rich vanilla themed perfume with the beautiful nuances only natural vanilla would have: smoky, soft woody, boozy and even dried fruit. Maybe the appeal is in the chameleon nature of this formula. It's almost an amber, almost smoky, almost sweet, just teasing and playing with your mind all the time. But whichever way you approach it, Memoirs of Trespasser is a very cosy perfume story.

Salted Green Mango Strangers Parfumerie The ideal fresh?

An exercise in fresh, however, with a novel outsider vision. The perfumer is from Thailand and in this popular formula he uses new ideas such as mixing green sour mango with green chillies.

Falling into the Sea Imaginary Authors A soft marine with a citrus twist

A marine perfume with a soft and sunny character that appeals equally to both men and women. Versatile and pleasant.

You or Someone Like You Etat Libre d'Orange A clever 'something fresh' recipe

It seems that a way to create a bestseller nowadays is to find a novel view of a familiar theme. You or Someone Like You is a compilation of molecules that naturally occur in fresh herbs but perfumers artificially isolated them to build a new, beyond nature fresh… and it worked.

Ma Nishtana Parfum Prissana An immediate hit in the incense category

Have Prissana found the ideal balance for an incense perfume with this formula? Immediately after the release Ma Nishtana shot into the top sellers. It’s a generous (in terms of the number and caliber of materials) incense but not too sweet or not too smoky. “Not too” is a very important aspect of a bestseller to appeal to a wide audience. Ma Nishtana manages to be a beautiful niche and rich perfume and the same time an accessible item.

Entre Ciel et Mer Pierre Guillaume Cruise/Croisiere A sea breeze dream

A winner in the fresh marine category. There have been many attempts at a marine and many there will be. Modern advanced aromachemicals offer perfumers accords of sun lotion, warm sand, salty breeze, etc. But maybe the secret to a perfect marine is to actually add something real from the sea. Like in Entre Ciel et Mer which has a drop of algae absolute ... and voila you start hearing the sea gulls and splashes of the waves. Magic.

Volcano CARNER Luxurious ambery leather

Carner have produced a top selling oriental with this winning formula. With Bulgarian rose at the core and a big dose of labdanum resin, this dark opulent fragrance is yet again exploring the incense theme. The added touch of elegant oud seals the deal as an ever popular choice over the last decade.

Howl Jardins d’Écrivains A versatile soft amber

A beautiful dry powdery amber. Even though it's named after a 60's poem, it really could be Howl's gingerbread moving castle with cinnamon fire powering the sweet tonka and amber structures.

Patchouli Nosy Be Perris Monte Carlo Irresistible Patchouli

A total surprise as patchouli themed formulas rarely become versatile popular options. However, Patchouli Nosy Be is special. Firstly it's more of an amber perfume (an eternally popular recipe that requires patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood or some resins). Secondly, the materials used by Perris in this blend are of the highest and most refined quality available to perfumers: vanilla absolute, patchouli from a tiny island north of Madagascar, a fruity quazi pepper called schinus molle from Peru and more. The intrigue is there, the beautiful complexity of natural materials is there as well as a sensory delight from their interaction.