Rouge Avignon

"Deep, dark and gothic rose on a velvety bed of black truffle and raspberry. Someone recently described it as smelling witchy which is I think is the perfect way to describe it!" Ruth

Rouge Avignon by Phaedon Paris


"A perfect illusion of a fantasy flower bouquet. It’s crisp, spicy and layered. The notes dance together in a mesmerizing unison, very appealing albeit using a centennial perfume formula. An 'Ode to Joy' kind of floral." Oksana

Phul-Nana by Grossmith

Kiki EdP

"My most complimented scent, I love how Vero Kern has subverted prim and proper lavender and paired it with cheeky caramel." Vika

Kiki EdP by .vero.profumo.

The Architects Club

"This perfume is simply the best complex vanilla available now. It has a leathery twist and is quite sophisticated." Oksana

The Architects Club by Arquiste

L'Ombre Fauve

"Like a big cozy coat during winter time. I wear this scent especially in the cold months. It's a mysterious mix of sensual amber with a velvety feline touch, deeply comforting and opulent." Federico

L'Ombre Fauve by Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume


"A fun scent with champagne and cherry lollipops. Think Daisy Buchanan at Gatsby party, 1920s flappers bobbed hair, strings of pearls and overflowing glasses of champagne. A celebration of excess." Vika

Bendelirious by Etat Libre d'Orange

Bloc Hyalin

"It’s a wonder product that really works! Lasts for decades and is about as eco-friendly as it gets. A salt crystal it can be used as a deodorant and has antibacterial properties. It has no scent and leaves no traces, I’ve been using it for years (just one block). Now, imagine the piles of deo sticks I would have used up and thrown away otherwise! Guess why big brands won’t ever offer this product on the market." Oksana

Bloc Hyalin by Féret Parfumeur


"El Born was an unusual release for summer, but it works! Sweet honey, fig, sandalwood with tones of coffee, boozy vanilla and a mirage of liquorice." Ruth


Perfumes: The A-Z Guide

"For many Luca Turin and Perfumes The A-Z Guide will need no introduction but for those who have an interest in perfume and aren't sure where to begin this book is a great start. It has an honest and refreshing no holds barred approach to reviewing scents." Ruth

Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez

Pure Addiction

"This scent is a very nostalgic for me. As an Italian, the top notes of basil and sage are extremely evocative of an Italian kitchen. Its contemporary fresh styling means it can be used regardless of the season!" Federico

Pure Addiction by Paul Emilien

Liqueur Charnelle

"This has been my favourite release of 2014. To me it smells like the added layer to an already perfect person." Vika

Liqueur Charnelle by Huitième Art by Pierre Guillaume