Ombre Indigo

The scent of a shadow. Clinging, resinous and a little narcotic. This one hides glorious tuberose in its heart.

Ombre Indigo by Olfactive Studio


A toast to Edgar Allan Poe. Twisted rose, blended with heady spices, pepper and amber into a gothic creature of darkness.

Nevermore by Frapin

The Architects Club

Bright citrus, soft leather and whipped vanilla. A sophisticated soufflé of a fragrance, delightful but never too sweet.

The Architects Club by Arquiste

Liqueur Charnelle

Highly anticipated and absolutely gorgeous, this is spiced apple in a mouthwatering and cozy concoction of boozy, sweet/tart dreaminess.

Liqueur Charnelle by Huitième Art by Pierre Guillaume

Première Dance

An elegant, warmly ambered fragrance with a heady incense smoking throughout. Layer upon layer of sheer florals, fruits and woods.

Première Danse by Paul Emilien