The clue is in the name! For incense purists, Oliban uses frankincense and sandalwood to create a sweet warm and dry aura.

Oliban by Phaedon Paris


Newcomer Embers has quickly become a customer and staff favourite. Offering up a new take on incense, Embers is as the name suggests a fire slowly burning. Sweet, dry and warm if you've been searching for a bonfire note you've found it!

Embers by Rouge Bunny Rouge


A great choice for those who prefer more subtle scents, this is a more contemporary take on incense. It also uses elemi resin, another ancient ingredient.

Autoportrait by Olfactive Studio

PG20 L’Eau Guerrière

Water as a warrior, a scent of contradiction, a clever balancing act between transparent and woody notes. This is also includes a sneaky oud note and is Parfumerie Générale's bestselling fragrance for men worldwide.

PG20 L’Eau Guerrière by Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume

Esprit Divin

The words rich and opulent were made for this scent. An exercise in olfactory esotericism. 

Esprit Divin by Paul Emilien


Nothing but nothing! If you like your incense to pack a punch choose Rien. Think incense wearing a leather jacket, wrapped up in a scarf of suggestive animalic notes. 

Rien by Etat Libre d'Orange