A silky smooth honey scent with a very pretty floral haze surrounding it. Lilac, damask rose and plum give the perfume a moody, slightly bruised tone, yet the heart of the fragrance is sweet and fluid and all about the honey. Think freshly blooming petals, covered in dew with delicate stamens beaded in golden nectar.

PG05 L’Eau de Circé by Parfumerie Générale by Pierre Guillaume


An intensely edible almond tart of a perfume with a boozy, balmy character. A very complex scent which mingles floral and gourmand fruit notes, opening with delectable sweet almond yet somehow softening into a woody, grassy summer's afternoon. Imagine sitting under the orchard trees, a glass of amaretto in hand, watching the sun set over a golden corn field.



Mouth-wateringly fruity with crunchy pear, this scent begins with a most evocative, sweet juiciness, chased with wood shavings and dry bark. There is an all encompassing greenness to the fragrance with a subtle hint of salty sea air that brings to mind images of a cliff top grove. Fresh yet also woody and comforting.

Ciel D’Airain by Huitième Art by Pierre Guillaume


Unique and sharp, the apples and cherries in this scent are frozen and served with ice cold vodka. Featuring an eclectic blend of bitter fruits and peppery notes, the perfume fizzes and sparkles in a most intriguing fashion. A little like drinking sours from a chilled metal shot glass, this is a scent for a thrill seeker.

B by Blood Concept


Spiced pumpkin pie served warm with cream, gingerbread biscuits and tangerines, this perfume is a savoury/sweet treat for the senses. Complex edible notes create the impression of a large and homely kitchen, the scrubbed wooden table groaning under the weight of everything that is good about harvest time food. Delicious and addictive.

Like This by Etat Libre d'Orange