Tundra (Rouge Bunny Rouge)

Iso-e-super as a peppery edge


Around 14% of the formula in the sample is iso-e-super, again used to highlight the notes of pepper, elemi and vetiver.

Tundra by Rouge Bunny Rouge

Aer (Angela Ciampagna)

Dark edge for vetiver


The green bitter edge of the combination of juniper, mint and vetiver in Aer is honed on iso-e-super for further sharpness.

Aer by Angela Ciampagna

Panda (Zoologist)

'An Iso-e-super bomb'


As the perfumer puts it, Panda is an “iso-e-super” bomb that one. Watch out for the effect the use of iso-e-super introduces to bamboo shoots and citron leaves seasoned with Szechuan pepper: a sharp and tangy edge.

Panda (NEW FORMULA) by Zoologist

Fathom V (Beaufort)

Perfecting the green&sharp edge


A very complex perfume with sharp fresh green character. The tangy edge of the green building blocks in Fathom V (juniper, green leaves) and dry sharpness of some woody notes (black pepper, vetiver and cedarwood) are very much achieved by using iso-e-super.

Fathom V by Beaufort

Cobra&Canary (Imaginary Authors)

For ticklish smoke effect


A formula with very vivid dry tobacco leaf and dry hay notes. Which one is iso-e-super? Neither, and both, the molecule adds depth and complexity at the same time connecting the materials in this formula.

The Cobra and the Canary by Imaginary Authors

Ukiyo-E (Gri Gri)

Strong tea effect


Ukiyo-E is dedicated to Japan and most of the notes are a reference to that fact. Genmaicha is a kind of green tea with popped naturally caramelized rice. It smells of burned sugar and has a smoky and bitter aroma. Iso-e-super is a perfect material to make this specialty tea accord more convincing.

Ukiyo-E by Gri Gri