Dissecting the Decadent Rose of Nevermore by Frapin

9 September 2014
Dissecting the Decadent Rose of Nevermore by Frapin

Frapin creative director, David Frossard visited Bloom Perfumery to present to our guests Nevermore: the newest 9th fragrance on 9th day of the 9th month!

We were bewitched and beguiled by the mysterious rose of Nevermore the 9th fragrance in the Frapin collection.

David guided us through the early poetic beginnings of Nevermore, from concept to realisation as a dark 'masculine' styled rose inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. The idea for Nevermore came about when David was captivated by the story of the Poe Toaster.

Reports of the Poe Toaster first appeared in 1949 for the centennial of Poe's birthday, January 19th. A enigmatic figure would visit the grave of Edgar Allan Poe in Baltimore to pay tribute to Poe. Each year, the unidentified figure would return, raise a glass of cognac and then would leave roses on the grave. We learnt how David transformed the romantic story into a beautiful scent, with each ingredient building a different part of the story. From the saffron which was used to recreate the scent of ink to aldehyde c12 which was used to create spooky and ghostly atmosphere.

Reviews of Nevermore:

The Exfloriator

                                                                       “… this dirty rose of a fragrance captures the smell of the graveside setting. The dark and metallic air of the cemetery, the muddied flowers, the icy sky and, by the way of saffron, the smell of fresh ink.”

Silver Fox for Ca Fleure Bon

"Nevermore is this obsessive morbid darkness, distilled through two potent roses, (Centifolia and Damask), one cold and glassy, the other swooning and capricious. Strong woody rose accords can often smell frivolous or petrolic in but there is a fermented smokiness to the duo in Nevermore, which is exploited by the tides of amber washing in and over the composition. I get inhalations of a cellar-like dampness and wine-stained books as it begins to settle. Atlas cedar hints to me of the crepuscular study, fraught with supernatural emotion as the young              lover tries to determine the true nature of his pitch-black visitor. The unsettling verdancy of Florazone and aldehydes in the top is the creep of dark garden fluttering into the room on raven wing." 

Emma Day of Lady Day Make-up

"... no ordinary rose by any stretch of the imagination."


"...  on my skin it felt a bit sweeter than I had hoped it would be."

Into the Gloss

"... Nevermore—a spicy, cold rose (gasp!) with warm cedar, musky amber, pepper, and nutmeg that makes you smell like something out of a gothic fairytale. In the past few weeks, my life has become a frenzy of admiration for it. Even the lady selling me cigarettes at the corner shop has noticed."

The Women's Blog Room

"... It’s a rusted-up rose scent, with hints of peppery spice on first spray, with a complex mix of rose coming through in the middle, anchored with a saffrony cedar wood base. The wood note is gentle, not the whack of heaviness  that’s so popular currently, it’s a much gentler and elegant structure."