About Bloom

Bloom Perfumery's concept boutique showcases outstanding perfume talent from around the world. The shop’s
We are merchant adventurers searching the globe to bring the most fun and well made fragrances to curious noses attention

There are a million reasons to visit London. Bloom Perfumery, for readers of this blog, may well be in the top ten.

Luca Turin, author of Perfumes: The A-Z Guide

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Perfume houses
Bloom have collected from all over the world
The search for new talent never stops, we try every new independent house and if it's original, well executed and fun we invite them to join Bloom's collection.
Agatho, Alexander, Arqiuste, Anna Zworykina, Atelier des Ors, Aura of Kazakhstan, Bastille, Beaufort, Beso Beach, Bon Parfumeur, BORNTOSTANDOUT, Carner, Carine Roitfeld, Der Duft, Elisire, Etat Libre d'Orange, Exaltatum, Floris, Foras, Headspace, Houbigant, HUNQ, Imaginary Authors, J.U.S, Jul Et Mad, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Lorenzo Villoresi, Maison Sybarite, Marie Jeanne, Masque Milano, Mendittorosa, MINT, Molinard, Naomi Goodsir, Oddity, Olfactive Studio, Ormonde Jayne, Ortir Apothecari, Perris, Phaedon, Pierre Guillaume, Place des Lices, Side Story, Sly John's Lab, SweDoft, Wolf Brothers and Zoologist.
What is niche perfumery?
In two words niche perfumery is quality + creativity

A niche perfume house is usually a result of the joint effort of a creative director (who often happens to be the owner) who provides the vision and conceptual input and a team of highly skilled technicians headed by a ‘nose’, a famous master perfumer for hire for individual projects.

This way a collection of a certain perfume house incorporates input from many famous noses curated by the owner. A niche perfume is like a good movie: with a screenplay writer (the owner), director (the nose), actors (materials) and all the crew of technicians responsible for many tasks - from blending to packaging.

We constantly add new, interesting and worthy creative perfume houses to our carefully curated selection. Ultimately, we are your fragrance finder with boutique service, samples and individual consultations available to any customer.

The scale of production in the niche world is modest enough to enable perfumers to use scarce exquisite natural materials accords that can be infinitely reproduced in a factory without going through the trouble of growing, harvesting, distilling and considering the supply available for a certain material. Smaller scale also means there is more creative freedom, experiments and genuine originality.

The shop's concept
We work on the basis of individual perfume fitting consultations

We sort our collection according to the fragrant families: floral, woody, fruity, green, citrus, marine, herbaceous, edible, spicy and leather. There is also a "dare-to-wear" section. We do not showcase brands for the sake of brand names, we have many beautiful perfume stories made with the most beautiful materials.

A customer's search for his or her ideal formula starts with conversation: "what would you like"?; "what have you worn in the past?"; "how complex, diffusive, neutral and functional or crazy and head turning do you want your perfume to be?"

Perfume Lovers Only

Join the members only Nose Club if you are crazy about fine perfumes, want to properly wear a new one now and then but don’t want to add another 100 ml bottle to your… let’s say.. comprehensive collection.

Sign up for a six month or yearly membership and every month you will be able to get 2 x 10 ml aromizers filled with perfumes from Bloom’s collection of rare niche brands.

Bloom's Bespoke Lab
Create your own perfume formulae

Try your hand at mixing a perfume your way at Bloom's Bespoke Lab. Imagine a story, pick the notes and we will help you with the technical part of the process. Advance bookings required.

Customers who attend a session at Bloom’s Perfume Lab start with creating a concept first and only then select possible building blocks for the formula.

West End / Covent Garden

Just off Floral Street and the main piazza, Bloom Perfumery is located in the shade of the Royal Opera House in the cozy, high end shopping area neighbouring Mulberry, Paul Smith, Kate Spade and many other boutiques.

4 Langley Court, London, WC2E 9JY T.: +44 (0) 20 7240 0338 Mon–Fri: 12:00 noon – 18:00 | Sat-Sun: 13:00 – 18:00
Contact us General enquiries: bloom@bloomperfume.co.uk Employment opportunities: hr@bloomperfume.co.uk