№ 16

Black Spicy Amber
Top Notes cinnamon nutmeg saffron
Heart cloves cocoa cocoa beans coffee rose
Base Notes amber cedar labdanum patchouli

Created by a team of two French noses Benoit Vittet and Gerard Anthony (the latter being the author of XS for men and Azzarro Pour Homme) No 16 has a bit of spicy masculine DNA in it which however keeps it from descending all the way into a gourmand. No 16 is a very dark amber with a distinct dry woody character (perhaps coming from patchouli and coffee duo) and a spicy edge created from cloves and nutmeg.   


Nikkos-Oskol fragrances come as extraits (at 40% fragrance) in dab and  spray options but instead of alcohol perfume is mixed with hypoallergenic odorless emollient which releases the fragrance slowly and over a long period of time. Each perfume is available in 2, 15, 35 ml size.  The 2 and 15 ml bottles come with a dab stick and 35 ml comes as a spray. It’s also possible to have 35 ml in personalized stainless steel case. 

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