№ 3

Wormwood and dry spices
Top Notes black pepper ginger nutmeg
Heart artemisia lavender violet wormwood
Base Notes cedar pine sandalwood vetiver

A  dry spicy fougere packed with clouds of ginger, nutmeg, and pepper mixed with delightfully herbaceous bitter wormwood and lavender heart all resting on cedarwood and vetiver base.


The Sniff on  #3; "Here’s a fragrance to get excited about if you like things a little off the beaten track but not a challenge to wear all day like some of the more unusual perfumes can be. Based around notes which are technically edible, this fragrance never strays into sickly sweet gourmand territory. It could, quite easily, have smelled like Christmas, and yet it manages to neatly sidestep that little pitfall and retain relevance outside the festive season. This is Fragrance number 3 by Nikkos-Oskol." Read full review.


Nikkos-Oskol fragrances come as extraits (at 40%) in dab options and EdT (at 15%) in spray but instead of alcohol perfume is mixed with hypoallergenic odorless emollient which releases the fragrance slowly and over a long period of time. Each perfume is available in 2, 15, 35 ml size.  The 2 and 15 ml bottles come with a dab stick and 35 ml comes as a spray. It’s also possible to have 35 ml in personalized stainless steel case.  

35 ml Extrait in Oil
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15 ml Extrait in Oil
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