Aphrodisiac pack

9 x 1 ml
Notes adrenaline accord chili civet cumin hemp indole iodine accord iris jasmine leather sea salt vanilla

The seduction tool kit. A selection of perfumes featuring some suggestive notes (indolic flowers, civet, patchouli, an  après-orgy accord), sensual notes (amber, vanilla), and outright provocative options (leathery iris, cumin). 

1. Anima Dulcis (Arquiste)

2. Civet (Zoologist)

3. Ambre Céruléen (Huitième Art)

4. Secretions Magnifiques (Etat Libre d'Orange)

5. PG21 Felanilla (Parfumerie Générale)

6. Junky (Jardins d’Écrivains)

7. Bull’s Blood (Imaginary Authors)

8. Une Amourette (Etat Libre d’Orange)

9. Infanta en Flor (Arquiste)

10. A vial of precious pheromone water... not really. It was very tempting to include a sample of tap water and pass it on as pheromones (you can't smell them, there was no clinical proof ever that pheromones exist for humans or work for that matter, so tap water would have been as good and efficient as any "pheromones" ever sold to you by some perfumers.) But on second thoughts, everyone has tap water at home and can just shower in imaginary pheromones.



Some quick math: if purchased separately the total price for these 9 samples would be £19. This pack costs £17.  As part of the yearly subscription this same pack would have been only around £10 (with no shipping cost and 10% discount code for full size purchases). Whichever way you add it up, that’s a bargain.

Regular price £17.00
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