Perfumes: The A-Z Guide

Perfumes: The A-Z Guide by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez

The GUIDE is the first major critical survey in English of the world of perfume, one bottle at a time. Rather than compiling lists of “notes” or “fragrance families”, which can conceal more than they reveal, you’ll find — sometimes sharply worded, sometimes rhapsodic — opinions and descriptions that sort the good, bad, and ugly of roughly 1,800 individual fragrances, masculine and feminine, from the outrageously expensive to the cheap and cheerful.

There are also in-depth essays and supplementary material that cover the what, how, and why of fragrance. Ever wonder how perfumes are created? What they’re made of? Why they smell different over time? And why your favorite scent doesn’t smell like it used to?

Reviewers have compared the GUIDE’s fragrance criticism to Pauline Kael’s 5001 Nights at the Movies and Brillat-Savarin’s The Physiology of Taste. Some read it aloud to dinner guests. Some have spent the grocery budget on perfume. Some have had copies stolen by co-workers. All agree — there’s no other guide to perfume like it.