St Regis (Caroline’s Four Hundred)

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St Regis (Caroline’s Four Hundred) by Arquiste

St Regis (Caroline’s Four Hundred)


It’s January 28, 1900, on Fifth Avenue inNew York City.

Inspired by one of the most splendid balls held by Caroline Astor, the matriarch of the St Regis hotel’s founding family and doyenne of New York’s Gilded Age society, Caroline’s Four Hundred takes its name from the 400 notable guests that represented the highest echelons of New York society. The scent captures at once the actual flowers used around her residence, the exotic woods of the ballroom, the potted palms and apple blossoms that lined the hallways, and the light crisp essence of champagne wafting through the crowds.

With notes of rich American Beauty roses – her favorite flower – green stems, white lilies and the delicate sweetness of quince, apple and cherry blossom, Caroline’s Four Hundred, embraces all of the blooms that actually adorned her ballroom on that unforgettable evening in 1900.

Notes: American Beauty roses, hyacinth, white lilies, green stems and delicate quince, apple, cherry blossom

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