A heady paradise floral
Top Notes bergamot lemon mango pink pepper violet leaf ylang-ylang
Heart cashmeran cloves coconut Frangipani jasmine plumeria saffron sea spray
Base Notes amber musk opoponax patchouli sandalwood vanilla vetiver
Perfumer: Daniel Pescio

With Chameleon Zoologist continue the theme of tropical habitats full of heavenly exotic flowers. In this perfume you can experience them as a little creature with independently mobile eyes traveling in the thick lush canopies past plumeria blossom, ylang-ylang and other exotic blooms of the island of Madagascar. There are further fragrant hints as to the geographical location of the plot: accords of sea breeze, coconut, mango as well as the notes of vanilla and vetiver.

So sway on a branch of ylang-ylang with Chameleon while being caressed by a spicy vanilla breeze from the Indian ocean.
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