Refresingly Animalic
Vintage/old school
Top Notes fern lime lychee raspberry
Heart ambergris fir balsam geranium rose
Base Notes amber musk oakmoss patchouli sandalwood

Perfumer: Joseph DeLapp

With Dodo Zoologist are venturing into fougeres. It’s a perfume style which is more than a century old but is so good it’s still very much en vogue. Originally, a fougere was an aromatic blend composed with oakmoss, lavender, geranium and the sweet hay like smelling molecule of coumarine. Since 1882 this theme has been explored and interpreted many times. Perfumers tried swapping herbs for citruses, oakmoss for vetiver and so on. The ingenuity of the fougere style is that it’s more of an effect rather than a strict recipe. Hence, we have new original fougeres entering the perfume scene quite often.

In Dodo you can trace the classic fougere backbone: fern (that is what fougere means in French) - geranium – oakmoss. However, it’s also a romantic story of a bird living on the tiny tropical island of Mauritius. You can also follow the little feathery guy through the progression of notes: fruit (Dodo’s diet) – ambergris (the sea breeze nuance) – feathery animalic musk.

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