Notes cedar heliotropine lavender myrtle patchouli vanilla vetiver

Ennui noir can be loosely translated as the vacuum of boredom, that state when you are ultimately on your own and are neither distracted, engaged or entertained by anything  nor do you have anything to do.

UNUM however suggest it's not a negative state but a chance to actually meet yourself.

Smell-wise Ennui Noir is an otherworldly caramelized vetiver, its earthiness and sharp spiciness glazed with a thick layer of vanilla  and heliotrope.

The bottle is opaque black, no signage, with specks of laquer on matt surface.


The Sniff on Ennui Noir: "The base of the scent is bracing, not exactly invigorating, but this brooding sense of strength is conferred again here through the earthy vetiver. Very faintly, the sherbety note now becomes the barest hint of those love heart sweets, just adding a little hint of something more childlike and playful. A hint of irreverence in the introspection, a splash of violet against the darkness." Read full review.


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