Fraternité Soap

Beer and Barley Flour
Notes beer

Hand made in Montreuil according to traditional methods, Le Baigneur’s Fraternite soap uses beer and barley flour to help soothe and moisturise. 


Composed of grains, hops and yeast, beer is rich in B vitamins and silicon which helps to purify and firm the skin. Barley flour is, again, rich in vitamin B which helps to sooth and moisturise the skin. 


The vegetable oils and butters used by Le Baigneur in their soap products are not heated, which helps preserve their nutritional qualities making it very energy-efficient way to produce soap. The glycerin which is naturally produced during the saponification process is fully retained in the soap (between 7 and 8%). It will allow a gentle cleaning, thus respecting the hydrolipidic film of the skin. No feeling of dryness or tightness is then felt. The skin is cleaned but remains soft and moisturised.


Directions for use: gently lather onto wet skin, rinse thoroughly. To make the most of your Le Baigneur soap, place it in a soap dish after each use (this allows the water to properly drain off the soap and dry).

Ingredients:  sodium olivate*, sodium shea butterate*, sodium cocoate*, sodium castorate*, beer, glycerin, helianthus annus seed oil*, hordeum vulgare (barley) flour*

*denotes a material of organic source

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