Top Notes bergamot galbanum myrrh petitgrain
Heart cedar cinnamon clary sage geranium styrax ylang-ylang
Base Notes amber ambroxan frankincense incense sandalwood tobacco tonka beans

A strong leather perfume with a vintage vibe inspired by a manly men story featuring a perfumer, a photographer, many young men studying to become priests, their headmaster and finally, a poet.

Filippo. The perfumer. It all starts with the owner of UNUM looking at the famous (some say infamous) series of photographs of young students of a catholic seminary in their rare moments of leisure… chasing each other in the snow. Black cloaks against white.

Mario. The photographer. The eyes in this story, the man who persuaded the headmaster to let him take those unconventional photos. Also a person with whom the perfumer briefly met and who left an aromatic memory of tobacco and chemicals used for developing photos.

Don Enzo. The headmaster. Lost his post after the photo series were published. There was no place for such frivolity in the upbringing of young priests such as running in the snow.

David. The poet. The Italian poem reflecting on the fate  of the headmaster and generally the solitude of the path of a priest, which goes “Io non ho mani che mi accarezzino il volto” ( “there are no hands to caress my face”).

The cap of the bottle is covered with leather laced with metallic threads so you can shape it any way and a new way each time, bearing a stark resemblance to the cloaks of the young priests against the snow. There is also the image of the headmaster, without whom the story, the photos and the perfume would have never happened.

Scent and Chemistry on UNUM's Giacomelli: "Overall, 'Io non ho mani […]' opens a door to the 80s, and whets the appetite to revisist 'Halston Z14', 'Jules' or 'Kouros."

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